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Job Creation & Economic Growth

My goal is to foster an environment that supports economic growth through strategic alliance and partnership among contractors. Also, by encouraging businesses to stay and grow, we can create more jobs, tax dollars and an inviting environment for new business.

Safe Neighborhoods

SMART Policing helps us to identify community leaders that can help law enforcement commit to building healthy relationships with our community. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Oriented Goals that relate to training and policy (such as Body Cam Regulations). The goals will be determined by identifying weaknesses, developing solutions and implementing them. This will help us to create safer neighborhoods.

Early Childhood Development, Resources, College Prep and Support for Vulnerable Students

Initiatives will focus on all-access to preschool education, obtaining proper resources for education with a laser focus on after-school activities, developing digital resources that attract younger teens and encourage college preparation and a support strategy for vulnerable students (homeless and foster youth) that may suffer from additional hardship.

Senior Care, Caregiver Resources, Child Nutrition, and Affordable Healthcare for Small Business Owners

Initiatives will focus on positive and accessible options for Senior Care and Caregivers. Initiatives will focus on identifying a network to support physical health among children: proper diet, exercise and dental care and transportation solutions to ensure needs are met. Finally, healthcare initiatives will focus on identifying affordable healthcare solutions for small business owners.

Bus Transit Systems & Broadband Access for All

Additional initiatives will focus on bus transit solutions that expand our current reach. Also, we will be intentional about achieving broadband access to the internet for all residents within District I. This access will provide much-needed support to those in need.

Community Resources that Benefit All

Initiatives will focus on identifying ways we can unite and diversify community resources to help benefit all. This system would help our school counselors identify available after school programs that are offered at surrounding churches regardless of denomination or culture. It would also allow a community resource program to notify parents through online portals, text message and email about community programs that would allow students access to scholarship, specialized education or new opportunities.